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I also had a miscarriage at 18 week with my 2nd son 13 months ago.

I had a lot of problems during the birth my first son. He was born prematurly and had to be rushed to NICU. I lost a lot of blood and had to have blood infusion. I still remembered how cold and thirsty I felt at recovery room. I almost died if the nurse didn't check on me. I had c-section because of complication. So basically I couldn't feel a thing waist down. I didn't even know I was losing blood. I kept telling the nurse I was thirsty and cold. She just gave me water and more blanket. After a while I was shaking so hard the whole bed was rattling. The nurse opened my blanket and called out the other nurse to call the doctor right away. I couldn't image what would happen if I was left un-noticed... Good thing that my son came out ok and is now 3 and healthy.

Then I tried to have a 2nd baby. At 18 weeks I went into labor. The doctor put me on all kind of drips. He told me that if my water broke, then the baby is lost. I stayed flat for over 12 hours. Then my water broke and I started to cry. The doctor said that the medication didn't work on embryo less than 24 weeks. He also couldn't figure out why I went into labor. He told me that since we couldn't keep the baby, let's induce him. I had never hurt so much in my life, both physically and emotionally. I was crying so much they had to put me to sleep after the delivery. They've asked me whether I want to see the baby and I said no. I just couldn't bring myself to.

I want to have another baby but my husband is against it. He said that I almost died the first time. My baby died the 2nd time. He doesn't want to chance it again. But I really want to have a little sister or brother for my son...

And I was secretly hoping that my dead baby would make it back to me next time around...

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