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First let me give you some history - this is my fourth m/c in 4 years.

#1: starting TTC in January 2004, found out we were pregnant in Feb. 2004, lost it at 6 weeks pg in March 2004.

Got pregnant with my son in September 2004 with the help of clomid and he was born in May 2005, perfectly healthy.

#2: started TTC in February 2007, got pregnant in May 2007. My beta was really low at 17dpo (19)...I started bleeding 3 days later and my next beta was less than 2, so I lost that one at around 5 weeks.

#3: got pregnant in October 2007 with the help of clomid, had a positive HPT at 13dpo (Thursday), scheduled a beta for Monday, but started bleeding over the weekend and by Monday, home HPT were negative so I didn't go in for the beta.

#4 (present): got pregnant December 2007 with the help of clomid. Betas were doubling wonderfully. Had all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and then they stopped. I had an ultrasound scheduled on Feb. 13 at 10 weeks. U/S showed a fetus, but no heartbeat and the fetus measured 6w4d. My doctor gave me the option to have a D&C (which I chose against) or to let nature take its course. I started spotting within days and bled heavily for 3 weeks. I even went to the ER this past week because I was sure I was hemorrhaging. The doctors collected some specimens and ran a u/s. The u/s showed I had already passed the fetus.

Yesterday, I had a follow-up appointment. On Feb. 13, my doctor ran a million bloodtests to see if I had a clotting problem amongst other things. My results were all negative and within their normal range. The beta that the ER doctors ran on Monday was 396. - that was a bit shocking to hear. I had another beta ran yesterday to see if it has gone down any. I still may have to have a d&c after all of this.

We have even been referred to see a genetic counsellor, and they ran some more tests, but I'm still waiting for those results. I was told it could take 8 weeks for those, and it's only been 3.

I thought I was doing OK until yesterday. I'm really discouraged that the bloodwork found nothing obviously wrong. I really thought I was doing OK. And since my appointment yesterday, I'm a basketcase.

I know what I'm feeling is completely normal and I'm in the stages of grief. Plus it doesn't help that my hormones are all out of whack due to pregnancy in the first place. I just hate feeling this way.

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