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I am wondering if this has happend to anyone else. I am a little over 13 weeks pregnant and I started to have some bleeding. Of course, I pratically ran to the ER to make sure everything was OK. My cervix was closed, and they did an U/S and the baby was OK. So, they called it a threatened miscarriage and suggested rest, which I did. I called my OB as well, and they said that they are usually only concerned if the bleeding is filling a pad/hour. It wasn't at all, but it was still bleeding - more than spotting, but nothing major. So, it did stop, but then two days later, I had more bright red spotting. It didn't last long, but still I was concerned. I went to my OB the next day, once again my cervix is closed and the baby looks fine. They have no explanation for the bleeding. I continue to spot on and off (always when I am trying to push out a bowel movement - constipation stinks). Anyone else had this experience? How concerned should I be? I should probably mention that I did not have any real pain, only some minor lower back pain, but no cramping. Has anyone had this time of symptoms that has led to a miscarriage?

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