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ello everyone.......

Sorry for not posting nething for past few days.....!
But I am going through a very rough phase......

Heres the thing......My 2nd IUI was done on 15 march....! the follicle size observed bfor ovulation was 16 mm...And the other one was 12 mm...I was ovulated on my own..No HCG trigger...... IUI was done within 24 hours of detected ovulation.....The sperm count was 40 million after wash.... And my lining was 10.2...I took 200 mg of tab fertomid { clomid } for day 3,4,5 and 100 mg for days 6,7 of the cycle....Imediately frm the day of IUI , I took 200 mg of neutrogest ( progestrone suppliment ) for next 10 days....

Now heres the main thing.....
I missed my period which was due on 2nd april...Waited till 3rd ...Took a hpt at home which came out faint +ve...Went to gynac...they did urine test which came out -ve..Took another test at home which again came back faint positive...So rushed to doctor again...He told us to get the bhcg test done....

Beta result was 23.8 at the 20th day post IUI. The doctor said we shuld wait till the next beta as 23.8 miu at day 20 dpiui is not satisfactory.....Today ..5th april...My periods are started.....

I dont know whether to be happy or be sad !! We were really hoping this IUi was positive...! Dr said 1st beta is not imp but the rate at which it increases is ....
Guys what do u all think?? Did this happen to anybody else here?? Was it a miscarriage or was it a chemical pregnancy?? My dr said that it may be an ectopic....!! I hav not gone to my gyn yet but will report him he is out for 2 days......Guys...I am really worried.....! what must have happened is really difficult to know..But is there anybody else who went throug the same thing?/ I am not feeling any cramps like I always do on my AF...The flow is regular as AF...

Sorry for being this post so long......But I am really concerned and need some encouragement from u guys......
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I'm in a similar situation as you although I'm in my first round of IVF, and I totally understand what you are going through.

I went for my first beta today and the number came back "low," it was 22.5. While this is technically considered pregnant the doctor said that he is pessimistic that this is strong and sustainable pregnancy. I need to go back in on Monday to take another blood test and dependant on what the number is will we get a clearer picturer of what is going on.

I just did a lot of research on chemical pregnancies, this is what the doctor suspects may be going on with me, and the results are extremely varied. From everything that I've read it's not the actual number that you should focus on but what it does, ideally everytime bloodwork is taken that number should increase. It sounds like you already know that though.

Bottom line, I'm sorry that you are going through this. My husband told me that there is good news in this bad situation. Even with a chemical pregnancy the embryo implanted but just never progressed or grew. So all of the moving parts are working and now you just need to keep at it. Sooner or later everything will work out....that's what I'm banking on too.

Good Luck!!!!

Sounds like you are having a chemical pregnancy.I had one myself so I am sorry this dident work out for you.Dont take it to hard in a way its not a bad thing at least now you know you can get pregnant.I wish you better luck next cycle again I am sorry.Take care.


I am so sorry that you are going through this. I know there is not much I can say. I agree with Mapia that it sounds as if it is a chemical pregnancy. It really is so unfair that this is happening. However, it is a good sign that the egg was fertilized, and your chances of getting your sticky BFP from a cycle soon should be good.

I really am so sorry that you are going through this right now.

Two years ago I did an FET and I had a chemical pregnancy (1st beta 9.5, 2nd was negative) and my period was normal afterwards too. I think there's not enough building up at that point to make it extra heavy.

I'm just wondering though, did you get another beta done yet? Sometimes, in rare cases, women still can bleed like a period during their pregnancies and still have everything be normal. Are you still bleeding?:confused:

If it does turn into a chemical pregnancy, it will be a difficult time but there is a positive there, as other posters are saying, at least you know you can get pregnant. I did get my bfp right after my chemical pregnancy with a fresh IVF and although that was a low beta to start also (@ 28), my pg was normal and my daughter will soon be 1. So, sometimes low betas can still work out!! I wish you all the best!!:angel:
Oh Shilpa, I'm so sorry you're going through this. :( It can't be easy at all. I agree with everyone, it does sound like a chemical pregnancy (and although I'm not a doctor, I have to say it realy doesn't sound like an ectopic) I know it's hard, but just think that now that you have AF, you have a fresh cycle. And that you know you can get pregnant. I'm not trying to belittle the pain that of course you are feeling right now, but to give you something to hold onto. And as KM said, there are times where low betas do work out! :)
I'm hoping for you and sending lots of hugs!
Dear JraizelG,mapia,kelly.princess,km....

Thank you all you guys....!! for all that support and kind words......

Just 1 news....! It ended out in an early miscarriage......! We both were so upset and down to know it...But I am more hopeful now towards IUI....I am happy that atleast my folly and dhs spermis atleast tried to come together....I am taking aal this as positive......I know it will happen one day.....!!

my tests are normal ....except prolactin level is lil high....but HB...LH..FSH ..tsh...everything is within normal limits...I think we will do an HSG test too to clear more doubts.....or directly go for laproscopy.....

I am happy to know that it was not at all an Ectopic pregnancy......Thank god really ...!!

Thank you once again all for replying my posts....!
Shilpa, I am really sorry that it ended in a m/c, but I am SO glad you're taking this as positive! It really is true, that now you know that your egg and DH's sperm can come together, and next time it will stick! :D Continue staying positive, we're right here with you right up to when you get the healthy baby! :D
I am so sorry that it ended in m/c but I am glad that you are staying so positive. At least you know you can get pg. All the best with your next cycle.

Hang in there. Not everyone is like me -- lucky for you.... But, I've had ten pregnancies resulting in one healthy, living child. Beta was verrrrrrry high with my son, but bleeding was very prevalent. You never know what's going to happen.

You're so right, shilpa, to recognize the fact that you actually achieved "union." What a HUGE step in the process. You are wise to keep a positive attitude! I think you will do very well in the long run. Your prolactin is an issue to contend with... I had the same thing, but a knowledgeable infertility specialist got me through that with medications.

Ectopic pregnancies do lower your chance for success, so it's good you didn't have one of those.... Again, you're wise to be optimistic. I have a friend who had fallopian tube troubles and now has triplets!

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