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Hang in there. Not everyone is like me -- lucky for you.... But, I've had ten pregnancies resulting in one healthy, living child. Beta was verrrrrrry high with my son, but bleeding was very prevalent. You never know what's going to happen.

You're so right, shilpa, to recognize the fact that you actually achieved "union." What a HUGE step in the process. You are wise to keep a positive attitude! I think you will do very well in the long run. Your prolactin is an issue to contend with... I had the same thing, but a knowledgeable infertility specialist got me through that with medications.

Ectopic pregnancies do lower your chance for success, so it's good you didn't have one of those.... Again, you're wise to be optimistic. I have a friend who had fallopian tube troubles and now has triplets!

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