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Apr 14, 2008
This was my first pragnancy and first miscarriage I was about 5 weeks along. For my husband this was his third loss. First was still born, second she aborted, and third was me. I know that it was not mine or his fault. right now i feel just a deep deep hurt. i keep telling myself it was for the best casue there could have been something wrong with the baby. If i went full term the baby could have been still born or died after birth, which would have hurt more and mu husband would have to relive what happened to his little girl. I feel like i let him down. I feel like i let both of our families down. right now i dont want to talk to them about it. everyone wants to ask how i am feeling. personally i think thats a stupid question right now. i know they want to help and they dont know what to say. i just want to let it be and me deal in my own way. i dread returning to work and school cause i know they will want to talk about it because we are social workers thats what we do! lol... i think things like this help me becasue i can talk and i know you will listen and understand. my biggest worry right now is having a possible DNC. or if i will have trouble getting pregnant again when we are ready. my biggest fear that it will happen again.

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