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Oh TNT, sweetie I am so so sorry. :( I was starting to wonder and feared something was not right having not seen a post from you. You poor thing, I can totally relate to what you are feeling and I know it's hard. But I admire your determination to move forward and try again!

With respect to the D&C... I had one a couple of years ago when a clomid cycle resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. I also was under general anesthiesia so the procedure didn't bother me, but I question whether it negatively affected my lining... sorry if this brings you confusion since the others have mentioned how it could be a good thing. And I'm sure it could be a good thing, but I know without a doubt that my periods were changed after the ectopic and D&C. Even though I never had super heavy periods, they were normal. After the D&C my periods have consistently been EXTREMELY light. Barely there. I bleed so little I really don't even need much in way of protection. Sorry... TMI. Now maybe it's just coincidence with the timing and AF was destined to be lighter for me. But I just wanted to mention this cause I've always wondered if the D&C had anything to do with it. I'd ask your RE what risks there are and then weigh your options. He may say that the benefits far exceed the risks and you may decide it's the best choice for you.

I agree with Princess on the baby shower. I would present a good excuse not to go. Chances are it will be very difficult and I personally would try to avoid putting myself through that. But if you are strong enough to go and make it through, don't hesitiate to come on the board and express your feelings afterwards, cause I'm sure you'll have some you may want to share. Either way, good luck and I'll be thinking of you.
Actually, now that kari brings it up.....and I also don't want to invite more confusion to you----but after my D&C, my periods are really light too. And short. I used to have...TMI.... ridiculously heavy periods, having to wear the heaviest pads and tampons and it would last for no joke, like 10 days. But now, it's light.....they last for maybe three or four days and I need usually a light days pad or tampon. Just ask if there is any chance of a lining complication... not to make you worry at all, but it's best to be informed, right?? :D Good luck, dearest, adn we're here for you.

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