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[QUOTE=mrshomersimpson;3552758]hi ladies.

im new here so hello to all.

i have a few questions which i hope you can help with.

on the 23rd of april, after a positive pregnancy test my doctor tested my hcg levels which were sitting at 650.

i was just over 5 weeks pregnant at that time.

then i started having some brown spotting, only when i wiped. Worried i went back to the doctors and they tested my hcg again which was the 25th of april and it had fallen to 387.

I had it retested again on the 28th and they had again fallen to 48,

My doctor said i was having a miscarriage. I was devestated and i still am to be honest.

However, its now the 1st of may and im having some issues. i hope you can help with,

the first thing is the amount of bleeding i had, it was just like a normal period brown spotting when i wiped, bleeding for a day and a half and then it stopped completely. im now not bleeding at all. not even brown spotting.

is this normal?

i understand that it can be as the early pregnancy unit, who didnt even offer me a scan because my levels fell to 48, said that it could be normal.

however the next bit confuses me . I still feel pregnant, im bloated. very bloated, i have headaches, i have mild cramping on both sides, mild sickness and sore boobs, constantly tired all the time.

the girl at the early pregnancy unit said this was perfectly normal and that hcg levels when miscarrying drop every 24 hours.

However if this is the case and my levels were 48 on the 28th... why now on the 1st of may am i still getting a positive pregnancy test?

even the girl on the phone couldnt explain that and she told me to test next week.

is it possible after a miscarriage to still be pregnant?. could it have been twins and i lost one? im so confused by it all as this is my first miscarriage. i dont want to get my hopes up because i really am devistated.

I already have a daughter at 6 and with her i didnt get a positive pregnancy test until i was 4 months pregnant because my levels were so low. i dont know if this makes a difference.

i know this is a long post and i thank you for taking the time to read it , please can someone help me make sense of this all?

love lots


I think you should test again. Since you already have a history of low hcg levels i think it might be possible you never lost your baby or you were carrying twins. Did you ever pass any tissue? If you didn't I would say it's a big possibility you are still pregnant.

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