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I just had a miscarriage 4 days ago. I'm so grief stricken, I don't know what to do. I already have two beautiful kids. Everyone keeps telling me that, like this baby I lost doesnt matter. I cant even go in public and look people in the eye. I feel like its somehow my fault. This was so unexpected. I went to the er cause I thought I had food poisoning, after an ultrasound the doc comes in and tells me that I had a case of fetal demise. they think they have to put it in words they think you cant understand, but I knew. what a shock. So my ob doc came and said they were prepping the room for the dnc. then he let me go home, which was my choice. I wasnt quite ready for them to scrape my dead baby out yet. So four days later, I figured I would be scheduled for the horrible task of taking the baby out. But my doc says now that we are going to wait until I start bleeding and cramping before he does anything. We have to let the tissue start to die and rot so it will be easier on me. Does this seem normal to anyone? How many days to I have to walk around with me dead baby in me? This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
I had a miscarriage 10 weeks ago and sometimes still find it hard.This is the second time we have lost our baby and it does leave a massive gap.We lost our first 11 years ago and have since had a very health girl who we love with all our heart.We decided to try again and sadly was told in week 11 that their was no heartbeat found.We had a day to think of what to do (dnc or natural) and was booked in the next day.It has taken a lot of time and love to get over it and come together as a family.But we have and will get through it.

I have fears about trying again but now have to make a decision of when to try??I have found great help in reading other peoples stories and realising that im not on my own.

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