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Hi Starlaa,

Your doctor was full of crap to say you needed to wait until the sides started to rot! I miscarried 8 weeks ago with a blighted ovum. I was 8 weeks pregnant and my first ob told me I had had a miscarriage. I went for a second opinion, very confused, and the midwife explained it was a blighted ovum and explained what that is. He then gave me options and was stunned at how big my placenta was. You have the right to say whether you want it to come out naturally or a D&C. I had a D&C done a week later after researching because I was ready to say goodbye and try again. I have friends who wanted it naturally because they weren't ready to say goodbye. Never feel pressured to make a decision like that. I feel your lose. There is nothing anyone can say to ease the pain you feel. It'll take time and it's okay to feel upset and confused. The surgeon let me and my husband know that there was nothing we could have taken, done to cause the miscarriage and explained the process of miscarriages and how complicated making a baby is for our bodies. I hope this helps a little, but like I said take your time to grieve and ignore dumb comments like "Well, at least you can get pregnant". You lost something precious and only those who have gone through it can understand.

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