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Hey sweetie, I misscarried 3 wks ago, I did see the baby, or what they call the sack. It looked just like an old grape. It was easier for me to think of it as a group of cells then an actual baby. It was really hard for me to wrap what should of ben my baby in a pad an throw it away. I spent 8 hours in the emergency waiting room. I bleed all over the chair. I went and yelled at the nurse behind the counter, "I told her even if they could save my pregnancy it would be to late." She said if I am misscarring there is nothing the doctors can do, but wait it out. So I was not really considered an emergency. I could of strangled her.. You are further along then I was. It is so hard, our society dose not have a funeral or any protocol for a lose like this. The hardest part for me was to tell all our freinds and family about the BAD news. Keep up with your regular routine, go to work, go to school, what ever it is you do. A good friend told me, "everything happends for a reason, NOTHING is left to chance. It was most likly for the best." I know that does not make you feel better. I read 60-80% of weman have a misscarriage in there life. Just because we have had one does not mean we can't have children. I read some where on line that we have an 80% chance to not have another misscarriage. Those are betting odds. Alot of woman have misscarriages, and have totally normal pregnancy afterward. We just have to stay as healthy as possible. Take care of yourself, eat right, take the over the counter pre-natel vitamins. Don't be afraid to try again. Your future child will be worth the wait. This is a life lesson we could not of learned any other way. We are strong, and we will go on fighting, and we will have as many children as we want. We just have to stay the course. I hope I have brought you some comfort, even though I know from experiance how hard this is. And know matter what anybody says your grieveing, and you feel like someone stoled your baby right out of your body. You have a right to your feelings. All doctors are diffrent and all doctors have diffrent oppinions and protocol. My heart is going out to you, I am so sorry if this not what you want to hear. I have all the same emotions you do. From experiance, it helps to talk about it, so many of us understand, and have ben through the same thing. Stay real, stay practacal, stay smart. You could not of done anything diffrent or better. You did everything you could. This is not your fault. People have ben getting pregnate and having children long before there was even a medical feild.

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