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i am so sorry for your loss. i know its hard not to think it but it is NOT your fault,
have you told your ob how you feel? to be honest i cant see why he is wanting to wait after he was prepping the room wile you where there at first.
with my first pregnancy my baby had died at 8 weeks but i knew nothing of it until i was what should have been 16 weeks, i had to wait 4 days until i had a D&C but that was because it was late on a friday when i found out.
i would definately go back to your ob and stress how you feel.
unfortunately people who havent been through the situation themselves say things they believe will help but it just makes you feel worse, when trying for baby no2 i had another miscarriage and people would remind me that at least i had my daughter ,, as if my miscarried baby didnt matter. thats where i found great comfort in these boards. the lady's here are so understanding, they dont judge you, they sympathise with you as they have all been through what you are going through now.
dont feel guilty for grieving, if you want to burst into tears dont keep it in.
i am sorry for what you are going through, x

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