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I can never say i completely understand because like you i dont. I was bleeding for two days after i was released from the hospital. After hearing i had a m/c i looked up and started to read on it. Books and websites stated you would bleed from 8 to ten day with heavy clots and soaking your pants. But this never happen i never had to have a d/c i was only given tylenol in the emergency room and to top it off the nurses and doctors never really even seemed so concerned i later realized that maybe because i was fine and it was nothing they could do it wasnt really a concern because they see these things everyday. You are so strong and you might not even realize it. I mean to hear a heartbeat and look forward to the joy is the most wonderful thing in the world and then to have it taken away it only leave you with the question of WHY? Have you and your husband started trying again?
I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my twin boys about the same age as you lost your baby. They made me have a d&c, because they was afraid of hemorraging if I delivered. They had twin to twin transfusion. To this day I wish I could of delivered and see my boys, but for my health and my children at home , I agreed to a d&c.
I dont know why these things happen, I sure wish they didnt! In all I lost 5 babies and had 5 healthy babies. Best of luck. (((HUGS)))

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