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I have "Unexplained Infertility" I have had multiple miscarriages I just started seeing a fertility specialist and he diagnosed me on my first appt!!! I have "micro clots" and that basically means that my blood cut of circulation to the baby and it doesnt make it. I have never made it past 4 weeks untill now....I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. I take Heparin shots 2 times a day to thin my blood. I also take 1 baby aspirin along with a couple other meds. I hope you atleast go for your consultation and have all the blood work done. I didnt have a problem getting pregnant either it was just holding it to term. I wish you the best. my prayers are with you and your wife,mandy

P.S I had an IUI done on april 23rd. It only took 1 try. so to better your chances of a healthy pregnany I would say see an IF doc have all the tests done take all the meds and have an IUI.

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