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Hi Amy,

First of all I'm sorry for your loss... I know that never helps hearing. 8 weeks ago I had a miscarriage. It was my first time pregnant after being married for 5 years. As I researched on miscarriages and talked to my midwife and the surgeon who did a d&c I came to find out that 80% of pregnancies are normal and the other 20% are miscarriages. My midwife explained that as the cells are dividing and making the script for the baby, the body goes through the script and makes sure everything is there for a baby. During this process cells can "pop" off. So, as the body is reading the script for the baby it gets to the missing cells and will stop the development of the fetus... Thus, ending in a miscarriage. What really sucks, is when you end up being the 20%, but I am now pregnant again after 8 weeks and hopefully, most likely, am the 80%... So, your next pregnancy should be normal which is the good news. Hope this helps.

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