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Hello everyone it been i a while since i wrote to the board. I feel like im losing my mind heres my store it all goes. my period was late in april well i miss it i took a hp test in it was post. so i was so happy in a was in sad in another way i have not gotten over my daughter which was born sleeping last July. I want to try again but not so soon so after i took the hp a week later i started spotting so i called the doc in the rush me and for a appt. They took so blood to check my hcg levels in they ok so they ask me to came back next week to check it with the other level in went up so at the same time i was still spotting on in off so they told me to come back the next week to make sure on the levels went up.
I was still spotting so the nexy step was to take a u/s they told me that the sack looks good in the levels too so why im i still spottin i ask the doc in myself so they sent me on my was in told me to do the ER if anything worse happen nothind did the spotting/bleeding was the same until a big clot happen i told the doc bout it in they another u/s in they said i had past it. So i went home thinkin that i was not preg. I went for another u/s they said it looks like a yolk was forming. WHAT IS GOING ON. At the time i was going in for a dnc which they did not do but they have not told me anything.What should do wait in see or have the dnc.

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