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i never got my period this month (3 weeks late now). I did start spotting brown/pink on the day I was supposed to get my period (May26th) and I havent stopped spotting since. I took a pregnancy test a week ago that was negative.

I keep having cramp like feelings on my lower abd-similar to the ones i get when i have my period, but not as bad. In addition to the spotting, starting 2 days ago, Ive passed a few clots (a couple of larger ones (about the size of a half dollar) and a bunch of smaller tissue like ones)

But still no bleeding. I've been feeling nauseous a lot lately too.

Based on the clots and no AF, I'm thinking I might have miscarried. For those of you who have been through this, is this what it is like? could this still be a sign of pregnancy? i wont be able to go to the doctor until monday.

Just started TTC 2 months ago, never been pregnant, and i have no idea what to expect. Thanks in advance!

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