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I had a d&c on wednesday for a missed miscarriage. I was about 9 weeks along. I made it through the procedure with flying colors. Took about 5 darvocets during that day. Yesterday I went to zoo with my 3 year old and walked around all day. I didnt really lift him, but did do alot of walking, very slowly mind you. Last night i began having abdominal cramps and bloating because due to all the narcotics and anesthetic, i am constipated. I havent gone since tuesday night. I look like I am 3 months pregnant. Middle of the night, I had back cramps, like menstrual, but very bad. My legs ache like there is no tomorrow and I have a pretty bad headache. I have taken 2 darvocet already. Im still trying to figure out what i should take for constipation. Should I be concerned about cramps? I'm not one to run to dr., but if i call, im sure theyll ask me to come in. also i dont believe in antibiotics unnecessarily. Is this normal? Should I just hang on the couch today with my heating pad? The darvocet is working already. My bleeding is getting darker. I think its normal, not too heavy. I have had a d & c before, but dont remember feeling like this. Please help.


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