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At work, i have a collegue with quite a depressing miscarriage story, and i am not entirely sure its true, and wanted to find out as much information as possible as its a re-occuring issue almost every day, and it doesnt seem to make sense.
A few weeks ago she told me she had completed 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative, the past few days she has told me she has been bleeding immensly, and already assumed she was having a miscarriage. This Monday gone she was off work, and the tuesday morning she told me in her words a huge blood clot came out like the size of a marrow. And told me the hospital had given her permission to take it to the hospital when she had tests on thursday, and has told me the doctors have examined it and told her she miscarried twins. She has also told another collegue she had a scan and they told her it was twins, bearing in mind she couldnt have been that far gone, as she is quite petite and i would have noticed around work and wouldnt have showed properly on a scan untill the first 3month scan. I am deffiantely convinced the hospital would not let somebody take in a blood clot especailly when there is sick patients around, and not knowing whether she may have a blood disease and infect the hospital. Also how they can determine it was twins, but not find out how far gone she was, she told me she didnt want to know how far gone she was, but usually we were on our period around the same time, so i know she couldnt have been that far gone?!?
I am quite upset as my aunty gave birth to a dead child and that was a very heatbreaking story, and i will not be impressed if i find out this is made up.
My collegue has told me she cant have kids after her first, but it seems so frustrating that if that was the case she shouldnt have allowed herself to get pregnant. Or the doctors would have sterilised her to prevent this ever happening. She has been at work and she has told me she has been bleeding and hasnt been popping to the toilet, like id think if she was stilll micarrying.Also on the tuesday night after the blood clot came out, she joined us for a chinese as one of our work collegues was leaving, surely you would be in too much pain to allow yourself out the house.
I know from past experiences, if you was to miscarry, the tests would be showing positive due to the hormones in your body. Im finding it hard to be around her, as it is quite depressing and i find it very sick if this story is made up.
I dont know whether she wants sympathy or she has a mental issue , but to me it doesnt make sense!!
Please help as its quite a concerning issue to me and my collegues, and i feel like flipping at her, but im not enitierly sure on facts to all of this, and if her story is true, but to me as sick as it may sound how could u keep such a large blood clot from tuesday untill thursday.
I will not be very happy with her if this is a lie, as there is alot of people out there who cant even get the oppurtunity to have children, and she doesnt deserve the one she has if thats the case!!
Please help and i am very sorry to those who have miscarried and have to read this, my heart is with you as much as its breaking listening to this story.

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