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Yes , I have undergone so much of pain in the last few months. I had two miscarriages , one in 6 weeks and the other in 20 weeks.

D&C was done for the first miscarriage and the second was spontanious.During and after the second miscarriage , i had high fever of 107degree F for 25 days and i lost almost all my immunity .Because of the less immunity , i got affected by melangitis tuberclosis (brain TB). So now am under the medication for TB which is for 9 months.Approx am taking 25 tablets per day for TB. My course of treatment ends in november 2008. Doctor had advised not to get pregnant till the treatment for TB ends. so am hoping everything gets settled soon this year.

since am taking so much of tablets for TB , will it affect getting pregnant for the next time....Please advice.

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