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I woke up this morning with excrutiating cramps. I went to the washroom and found that I was bleeding very heavily. I went through two tampons in an hour and a half. I usually have a light period with little to no cramping. This afternoon when I wiped myself I found I had passed some tissue. It was a sac of membrane like material and was definitely not anything I've experienced before. My period has pretty much stopped since then.

My last period began approx. June 21 and was on the light side of normal. I started using the Nuva-ring for contraception on July 3. I have had unprotected sex several times over the past few months.

If I was in fact pregnant and had a miscarriage do I need to do anything? Do I need to have a D&C?

I had a c-section in Oct. 2006. My son was Still-Born:angel:. Could this strange discharge be related to that?:confused:

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