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Hi everybody,

I miscarried two weeks ago on Aug 3. I was exactly 12 weeks on Aug 3. It was my first pregnancy and first miscarriage. The whole experience is just very traumatic physically and mostly emotionally. I did not think it would be THAT physically painful. Anyway, I was at the hospital when the miscarriage happened. They did an ultrasound scan and the technician said she saw some tissue left in my uterus. However, the report is totally different, and said that the uterus is normal size and there is "mild irregularities in the uterus", and the conclusion of the report was "thick endometrium". The ER doc said that thick endometrium just means that I was pregnant. I went to 3 other docs the week after and they all said the same, and "mild irregularities" just means there is minimal amount of tissue left in the uterus but it will pass out on its own.

It has been exactly 2 weeks now since my miscarriage. My bright red bleeding (not heavy) stopped a week after the miscarriage. Then it's just spotting since then (only when I wipe). The color has turned from brown to rust to dark yellow/light rust.

I'm just afraid of an infection in my uterus. My question is, how does an infection after a miscarriage look like and feel like? Do you necessarily have to have a fever? I only have a slight headache but no pain and no fever at all.

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