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On july 10th, i went to the doctor to have an ultrasound. i had just found out two days earlier that i was pregnant but not positive of how far along i was. after the ultrasound, the nurse advised me that i was about 6 weeks pregnant but the sack was the size of an 8 week old fetus. then she told me that she did not hear a heartbeat for the baby but that she should have been able to hear it. she sent me back to my doctor and the doctor told me that i must have suffered a miscarriage. the doctor advised me that i would start bleeding any day now because of the time frame. she advised me that i shouldnt be worried that i hadnt started bleeding yet because according to her it could take up to 2 weeks for me to start bleeding. well two weeks passed and i still hadnt started bleeding as predicted. the doctor then told me that i would have to have a d&c to prevent me from getting an infection. well since i was a little scared of having this procedure, i asked for another ultrasound. this time at the ultrasound, the nurse told me that she could not locate the baby!!! i asked her how was that possible?? she informed me that i had a miscarriage but couldnt explain why i still hadnt started bleeding or having any pain. i called the doctor later that day and she told me i should wait a few more days to see if i start bleeding. well it has been another two weeks but i am still not bleeding. i'm not having any pain in my stomach either. i have put on some weight and my stomach is still growing as if there is a baby there. plus lately, it seems as if i feel movement in my stomach such as the baby moving around. could i just be setting myself up for more disappointment??? why havent i started bleeding if i have suffered a miscarriage???? i have two healthy children already!! and i have never experienced a miscarriage so i'm unsure of exactly how everything should go. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with a new doctor!! but in the mean time, i was wondering if anyone else ever experienced anything like this!!

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