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So, I just went through an IVF. 4 days before my scheduled hcg/beta test, I did an hpt at home to find a faint positive. The next day, I went in for blood work early and my number came back at 64, which my doctor thought was low. Two days later, this past Friday, it only went up to 84. It didn't double like it should have and my doctor wants to repeat the test. I asked if I could lose this pregnancy and he said yes. I go back in tomorrow and I am so scared. Since the phone call on Friday, I've also been having sharp period like cramping on and off...not too bad though.
However, I haven't bled or spotted at ALL yet. Also, I have continued to have m/s throughout the day and feeling exhausted, but I'm also on progesterone. Are these good signs that everything could be okay? I mean, it's so early, and my numbers are low, shouldn't I bleed rather soon if it was indeed an m/c? I'm preparing for the worst,:( but hoping for the best at the moment...:angel:

Also, if anyone can chime in on this...I have read numerous things about hcg levels not doubling~that this usually means a non-viable pregnancy. But, I've also read that sometimes it can take hcg numbers 72 hours or even more to double...and this is okay. Am I setting myself up for disappointment thinking this way?:confused:

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