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I started bleeding 2 days ago, at around 6-6.5 weeks pregnant. I went to the ER and the doctor checked my cervix, and it was closed and normal. He checked my hgc levels and they were only 443. I had an ultrasound the next day, and she kept asking me if I was pregnant, cause she saw nothing. She said maybe she saw something that could look like a "early pregnancy". I know that I was at least 6 weeks, cause I had my first positive test on
Aug 18, so I was at least 4 weeks then which would make me 6 weeks now.
I took another test 1 week ago and the line was super dark.

My question is what does a normal miscarriage ultrasound look like, do you usually see the baby or sac?
Could it has stopped growing a while ago, and I am miscarring later. But then why was the test line so dark a week ago?

I am pretty sure that it is not etopic cause I have had no severe pain, and lots of bleeding...just like a regular period. Do you usually have more pain than blood?

It is a scary thing I have never had a miscarriage before, so the unknown is scary.

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