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I had no idea what to expect either, I mean it makes sence that you need to pass it, but I was never really thinking about it. The doctors never warned me about that, and I have never had a miscarriage. I was horrified when it came out, it seems so strange to just flush it down the toilet. I felt phsically better, but also emotionally. It feels like I can really start healing now that it is out. I am on day 4, my light bleeding started on wed, and I passed the fetus on friday.

Did they do an ultrasound on you? If so what did it look like?
The ultrasound tech seemed supprised when doing my ultrasound. I think it stopped devoloping at around 5 weeks, the I miscarried 2 weeks later. Cause there was not much of anything in my uterus when looking at the ultrasound.

Is this your first miscarriage?
When are you going to start trying again, or are you even thinking about it again?

What is hard for me is that hubby doesn't really want to try again, but I don't want to end on a miscarriage. So this totally sucks!!

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