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I don't know if this will help you at all, but your story touched me. I recently had preterm labor that resulted in a stillbirth at 22 weeks. I also have fibroids, but my doctors told me that once you get pregnant they do not complicate pregnacy, however they can cause you to have trouble conceiving. I also had 2 previous miscarriages, however they were early in the pregnacy. This time everything seemed fine. All my doctors appts. went well. I heard my son's heart beating several times, I had 2 ultrasounds, and everything was fine, or so they said. I went for a routine 20 week ultrasound, and they found that my cervix was dialated about 1.5 cm. They rushed me to labor and delivery, got my labor to stop and put in a cerclage (stitched the cervix closed) and diagnosed me with cervical incompetence. I really thought everything was going to be ok. What they didn't know was that I had a "pin hole" in my amniotic sac and was slowly leaking fluid, this exposed both me and my son to infection, and the cerclage sewed the infection in by body. At 22 weeks I went into labor again, and this time they couldn't stop it. I almost died from the infection, and my son, Elijah David, didn't make it. My heart is broken, my arms ache to hold him again, I miss feeling him move inside me. I don't know how I can live with this pain, but I know I must move on. And it is so hard. My advice to you is if you want to have children - go for it! Medically speaking, my advice to you is talk to your doctor, see what he believes the problems came from. Will he remove your fibroids? Try to get your medical issues resolved and then when you think your ready try again. It will be hard, you will never forget or replace your daughter. But eventually you will move past it, we have to. No one can live with this sadness for ever. I wish you the best. My prayers are with you.

[QUOTE=trose664;3722204]hello all,
I just wanted to share my story. two weeks ago I went to my ob/gyn for pain. i was 16 1/2 weeks along. i was told the pain was due to growing ligaments and not too worry just stay off my feet. i was also told to purchase a belly band. my doctor checked and my cervix was closed and thick. i heard a heartbeat. that night the pain increased. every time i went to the bathroom i saw a discharge. i now know it was my mucus plug. i kept telling myself..if i could just get thru this pain i will be ok. i didn't think my baby was in trouble bec i wasn't bleeding. i took a tylenol and the pain eased up. you see i had two previous early miscarriages in 1998. they weren't like this. i started bleeding and then passed several clots. in my mind if there was no blood..the baby would be ok. little did i know i was completely wrong. early the next morning, my water broke. i was told that a baby this young could not survive and my labor was induced. at 12:01pm i delivered a baby girl. I named her tatiayana monique. my stomach is now flat. i had just begun to feel her movements. i miss being pregnant. everyone keeps saying must have happened for a reason. or this wasn't your time...or you can try again. my days begin and end with thoughts of my daughter. i don't have any answers yet as to why this happened. i know i have fibroids and the doctors suspect they could have played a role in her passing. but everything i read says fibroids usually won't cause a this true? this pregnancy caught me by complete surprise. i used birth control. I want to have a baby on my own but do i continue to try?...what if i lose another baby? does anyone have any suggestions on how does a person go on to try to concieve after a loss.[/QUOTE]

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