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I just found this forum and was hoping someone might have had a similar experience and could share. I just went to what I thought was going to be a routine appointment with my obgyn. I'm ten weeks from my last period and had two positive pregnancy tests in early August. I've been feeling pregnant and since I had no reason to think otherwise (no bleeding, serious cramping, etc)., I just assumed everything was progressing on schedule.

The doctor ordered an ultrasound for routine purposes (I'm in Portugal, where apparently they do them more frequently than in the U.S.) and I found out that the embryo is at six weeks development, not ten weeks. There was also no heartbeat.

The doctors didn't really give me any definite answers but said to get another ultrasound in a week. When I pressed my obgyn, she mentioned a D&C and told me it was likely the pregnancy was not going to progress and mentioned trying again.

I was devastated and still am, but I'm still confused. Is my pregnancy over? Is there any other possibility other than miscarriage (I'm not looking for false hope, but more for some end to this terrible sense of ambiguity)? I feel very certain I have the date of the beginning of my last period right (it started the first day after a big move). Again, I've already begun grieving a miscarriage, so please don't be afraid to write in and tell me that yes, I've probably miscarried. I'm just still a bit confused after my visit. I think it would be easier to have a better sense of what has happened. Thank you!

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