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Help for my friend
Sep 29, 2008
My good friend just found out today (I guess yesterday now as it's after midnight) that she was having a miscarriage. She's only 20, and this is her second miscarriage. Her doctors never said anything to her about saving the tissues to be tested, and they told her that it's "normal" and that they don't want to do anything. She had a lot of problems with the first miscarriage. She had heavy bleeding for almost 2 months, and was is and out of the hospital repeatedly. One week she was told she was not having a miscarriage and that the baby was fine, and the next week told that she was miscarrying, then next time that she wasn't. It was like they didn't have a clue. Every time she went in they told her she was at 6w and to wait and see. They never did a D/C or any kind of follow up testing. I personally don't care for how her doctors have handled her situation, and am going to help her find a new Dr., but I told her she should at least have some tests run to see if it's a hormonal issue or something similar that medication could help her to maintain a pregnancy. Does anyone know what tests she should ask her doctor to run? Also, aren't there some tests that they can do on her and her DH to see if they are "compatible" to have a baby? I know there are many reasons for miscarriage, and there aren't always answers, but if there's something to be done to help her, I want her to have that information.
Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry so long.

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