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[QUOTE=mummyof_3;3749846]Hi klr2k

I am so sorry for your loss, it is such a painful time! I had a similar situation as you. I have 3 children, and was blessed enough to have never had a miscarriage before. My youngest was 17 months, and I too was on no bc while bf, and was feeding through the night. We had our with #4. Even though it was not planned you VERy quickly become attached to the little one. Every moment I would be thinking about it, planning, thinking about who it will look like, what the sex will be and so on. I too was 7 weeks when I lost it, and my world was flipped around. I remembering feeling alone, that no one could possibly know what this is like. I kept the pg tests, and had shirts made up for telling the family, saying "big brother" for my son, and "big sister" for my daughter, and "big sister in training" for the baby. and I remember coming across them and just started crying, and had to get hubby to throw all of it away. My kids helped me out alot...with out even knowing. I would look at my kids that I have an they would make me smile...that I have 3 healthy wonderful children.

For me af is now due to come anyday, and we are just at another hard stage, talking about trying again or not. I think it will be hard for when the due date comes and not being pg again.

I would have people saying STUPID things like "well the world is over populated enough anways" or "it wasn't even a baby" or my Mother in law just said after the whole thing "you shouldn't plan for another"

The pain is REAL to us....and we need to let ourselves feel the way we feel, cry when we want to cry. Make this time about you, and your healing.

Again I am sorry that you had to go through this, hang in that saying goes...."This Too Shall Pass"

The sun WILL shine again!!

Take care[/QUOTE]

I cant thank you enough for taking the time to post.....its very healing for me to read about someone who has gone through a situation very similar to mine! And with 3 wonderful children like me! I figured there wasn't anyone who could relate with having been blessed with 3 healthy babies already.....thank you for sharing your story, it has offered me a ton of comfort tonight reading through it!

We are also at a cross roads as well. What to do! Do we actually plan for a 4th where before this we wouldnt have? Was this a sign that I should be happy and content with the 3 I already have? So many questions to answer and honestly I can't answer a one of them with any kind of commitment. I would love to have more babies....I am in love with the idea of being a mother. However, I am 33 and I cannot get away from that fact. DH is 34 and I know he does not want to be an old guy raising his babies. I just dont know what to do.....its already such a difficult time right now - but add to it that so many people want answers about a future I hadn't planned for.....ugh.

Sorry for the ramble...I feel better when I come here and read others' stories and feelings. Thank you again for your post mummy and quibby....I truly appreciate your sentiment and thought (s).


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