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after choosing to have a miscarriage at home i am just posting this as a warning to others who may be deliberating about what to do,

because i was scared of having a D&C and my dislike of hospitals i chose to let my body pass the foetus naturally. HOW i regret this n ow... i started spotting very lighting about 4 days ago with the odd pain here and there.. yesterday they got quite bad around 12 in the afternoon whilst i was out having lunch. The minute i stepped inside my house i passed a large blood clot (about an inch and a half in diametre). then the cramps came and just got worse. after passing another 6 or so same sized clots i called my dr who said this was normal and i would bleed for as long as I didnt but heavier like a period. i explained that i had already soaked through many pads but he still didnt seem concerned. I took various painkillers but after 4 hrs like this and after passing more blood clots and not being able to stand up without blood gushing out of me i decided to go to A&E.. i was started to feel faint and weak and just didnt think this was normal.. By the time i got to the hospital the pain was so intense i couldnt bear it and was begging for a strong painkiller. In the hospital i passed more clots and by now thought i was hemoraging (sorry for the spelling).. I was literally curled up on the floor in pain and when the doctor examined me i found it very difficult to relax.. he told me that because my cervix was still closed i had not yet passed the sac. He was adamant about this even tho i told him i had passed a lot of clots so how did he know it wasnt the sac. By this time i was convinced I was having contractions (about 4 mins apart and lasting nearly a minute) and was crying out with the pain.. He finally gave me a pethedine shot and after about 30 mins I felt very flushed and started throwing up. I was still having contractions and it took a while for the shot to take any effect. He sent me home with some more painkillers to take every 4 hrs.. I slept on and off and the cramps stopped.. NOBODY told me that a miscarriage could or would be like this. I was 11 weeks nearly and had i known it was going to be anything like this I would have booked myself in for a D&C straighaway. The whole experience was very scary and totally unecessary. I feel utterly traumatised by this and after accepting the fact that i had lost the baby when the dr told me there was no heartbeat now i feel i will never get over this.. due to the pain and utterly helpless feeling i had whilst going thru this. Luckily i had 2 friends with me to look after me and drive me to the hospital otherwise i would have had to have called an ambulance. There was NO way i could have gone throuh this alone or without the pethedine shot. I am angry at my dr and told him so when i saw him today when he cleaned out the rest of the tissue.. There is no need for anyone to have gone through this and i definitely feel like it was as painful as a labour would be. I certainly dont want to go through this again and just want to warn others that even though this is not common it can be like this and its quicker and less traumatic to have a D&C - at least you are in control of your body then and know whats going on... sorry for the long post but felt i had to write this down..

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