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Oh thatís okay its perfectly understandable, although its disheartening to think about not being able to be intimate with you husband the whole nine months at least you have the reason of why this happened and know that when you do try again there is a precaution you can take so that it doesnít happen again. I know exactly how you feel about your due date approaching I think about how I would have my baby all the time and how old he or she would be right now and the first holidays I can tell you it does get better with time but it doesnít go away I believe there is a total different type of grief you feel with the loss of a pregnancy. I donít know why I lost my baby I was never given a reason other then there must have been something wrong with the pregnancy and this was my bodyís way of saying so. My doctor was monitoring my levels she felt as though they were to low to coincide of when she believe I should have conceived and just when the last of my blood work came back that they were doubling like they should and that everything looked good I was finally relieved then that night I lost the baby and went through another round of testing just to be told that I indeed lost the pregnancy. I hope you can find some kind of solace here sometimes I do feel morbid reading peoples tragedies here as well but it does let you know that otherís have been through what you have and have come out the other side.

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