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how common are missed miscarriages? The reason I am asking is that I've been spotting off and on since I was 5 weeks. This is my fourth pregnancy, my last one ended in March by miscarriage. I have two healthy boys. Anyway two days ago I went in for an emergency ultrasound because the doctor couldn't hear the heartbeat in the office. Anyway, we saw the baby and the baby's heartbeat. The doctor couldn't see the baby very clearly because I didn't drink gallons of water to prepare for it. Last night I had more spotting, and I'm getting sick and tired of it! I'm 11 weeks, 4 days now, and I just need it to stop so I can have some peace of mind!
hi there you sound very much like my friend she had spotting for a while for the beginning of her pregnancy.. each pregnancy is different i can imagine how worrying it must be for you.. i would just try and take it easy once you get past 13 weeks the chances of anything happening are alot less.. my friend had alsorts of probs with back and pelvis and the spotting but went through pregnany full term..
Thank you. I'm so scared of losing this baby, as I had a miscarriage back in March when I was 6 weeks along. I started out with spotting just like this pregnancy, except within a week I lost the baby. I have two older boys 12 and 9. I'm 35 years old and this will be my last baby regardless of what happens. I can't go through this stress again. Thanks helen08 for answering me.:)
everything should be ok your further gone than last time.... i misscarried at 6 wks a few years ago and have had 2 children since apparently can be common in the early stages with all women i think the problems when women misscarry in every pregnancy or later on in the pregnancy then theres more of a problem.. you can always share your worrys with your midwife to give you more peace of mind.... i recently had a baby 5mths ago so i know how worrying it can be which i suppose is normal for the first couple of months your neally 12 weeks so thats great your passed the worrying stage not that it makes us worry less lol. hope all goes well for you..:)
If you heard the heartbeat than that is a great sign. Do you have many pregnancy symptoms? I miscarried at 6.5 weeks and but think I had lost the baby a couple of weeks prior. My first indication that something was wrong, along with spotting, was a loss of pregnancy symptoms. My breast were not as sore etc. You are also nearing your 2nd trimester so you should be feeling better anyway so it can be difficult to tell. Hang in there, I've heard that spotting can be very normal, but I know it's hard especially after experiencing a previous miscarriage. Wishing nothing but the best for the rest of the pregnancy!!

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