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Hi. Am suppose to recieve my AF on the 21st of this month, but last night which was the 14th i started to get very heavy cramping though i have been cramping lately and thought it was implantation pain since it was day 7dpo, anyhow i got this brownish like blood and runy too but it was just that moment after i wiped it was gone, i put on a pad 4 the overnight and when checked the next morning (today) there was nothing there but still heavy cramping with very frequent urination as has been the last week or so. This mid afternoon i started very light blood pink to slight red in colour and by late after noon it started to increase with colour change to dark red and looks thicker too. Just 4more info for the past month i was having a reoccuring infection but did take medication and was cleared also been having very sore lower back for past week and so with sore breasts though it stoped few days ago. My question is, IS this just a one week early period which i wasnt expecting? Pregnancy? which i think not after seen the blood? Early miscarriage which i think is somehow and if u think so, Is very early miscarridge meant to bleed? Can i do HPT while this blood is occuring? Please advice needed b4 i see doc on monday! Thnx in advance.

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