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Alright well, I'm not really asking if I have or not, because I know the symptoms and what I have matches them. The thing is, if I have miscarried, it's a missed miscarriage that would have taken place in before my HcG levels were high enough to be picked up by a PT, because I did do one weeks ago and it came up negative.

What I'm wondering is if, since I didn't even know that I was pregnant for sure (although I did have some light symptoms which is what led to the PT in the beginning), and it will have been weeks since the fetus died, can it still be diagnosed?

I've been reading a lot and I understand that the primary diagnosis of miscarriage is based on finding a heartbeat, which there definitely won't be; on HcG levels, which obviously won't tell me anything; on a cervical exam, which again, won't tell me anything; or on an ultrasound, which seems to be my last option. I've also read though, that the fetus shrinks slowly after it dies, so is there any hope for a diagnosis?

I'm really just hoping that it's something else that's wrong with me, but if I did have an m/c, I really, really want to know.

Does anyone know if the doctor can find out? I won't even be able to get in for weeks! :confused:

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