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I"m sorry to hear of your misfortune and hope you are able to deal with what happened emotionally.

I miscarried too at about 8 weeks. when my cramping came on, they were very strong and the color of the blood was a deep dark burgandy color and clumps were coming out. I already had started raising a family and that pregnancy would have been my 4th child. I was still effected emotionally of the loss of my child.
when my dr. asked me if I wanted to go for counseling to speak to a therapist about it, I looked at my dr. as if he grew another head on his shoulders. why would i want to go to a shrink I asked myself?
but then I found out a few days later what he meant.
I DID go into a depression even though I didn't think I would.

One dr. told me that if something goes wrong with the development of the child in the womb that the fetus will abort itself naturally. kind of natures way of taking care of the problem. with some people this may not happen.
who knows really why it happens. sometimes there's something physically wrong inside that can cause a miscarriage.
fibroids on the uterus can interfere, hormonal problems, cervical problems, etc.
oh, and just to remind you, because I was O negative blood type, I needed to have a special shot of medication they give to a woman after either giving birth or a miscarriage. I reminded MY dr. and I saw his eyes startled looking after I reminded him of this. HE should of been the one to remember that I needed that shot, otherwise the next pregnancy I had, if it's blood was POSITIVE, rather than NEGATIVE like mine, the baby could have been killed by my body. My body would have treated it like a foreign object and aborted it.

I wish you the best and hope you are ok.


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