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I hun, im so sorry to hear you are going through this as i had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago with my first pregnancy. Obviously as im new to all this and in no way am i a doctor but this does sound like a miscarriage your going through. Your having all the classic symptoms. Im a bit confused though as to the hospital suggesting you were maybe only 4 weeks as my hospital clearly pointed out to me that at 4 weeks an abdominal scan wouldnt show anything at all, but yours did? Even at 7 weeks i STILL had to have a vaginal scan. I quess i was quite lucky with my miscarriage as i only had normal period like bleeding and only half a day of mild cramping. I did pass small clots and the last one i passed was the size of a golf ball and then a gush of hot blood. After that, the bleeding stopped and also the cramps. It ended up being a complete miscarriage (no d&c thank god) but everyday since, ive been having aches in my stomach and found out today that ive an infection. The way you have been treated is appalling. Im going to pm you now hun ok...
There doesnt seem to be link for me to contact you?
Ok well im stumped now cos theres no link for you to even contact me??

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