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We have a healthy 3 year old daughter and have been trying to conceive for over two years. My partner and I have had all the usual tests and were refered to the local hospital fertility clinic to see a specialist - been on waiting list for 3 months. The day the letter arrived with our appointment (ironically this wednesday 10th Dec 08) I did a pregnancy test - this was on the 17th November as I have a 35 day cycle and my Last period was 9th Oct. Exciting news I was pregnant - we were over the moon and so happy. I cancelled the appointment with the fertility clinic. Had normal symptons, tender breasts, weeing a lot, nausea etc then on tuesday 2nd Dec in the evening I started to bleed - not a lot but we called the out of hour doctor who just told me to take it easy and go to bed, as I was seeing the midwife for the first time the next day at 8am she would advise what to do then. I had a sleepless night. The midwife came the next day and once I told her what was happening she called the hospital to book me in for a scan. I should have been 8 weeks pregnant according to her caluclations. The scan was last thursday 4th Dec. The bleeding got heavier with clots throughout the wednesday and by the evening I was having period like cramps. The out of hours doctor was called again and another docter actually came to my house this time to have a look. She advised my cervic was slightly open but that could be because I had already had a baby 3 years previous but she suggested to lay down, rest and did warn us that we could be experiencing a miscarriage but that the scan would confirm it on the thursday. We had longed for this baby for so long and suddenly for the first time ever we were faced with miscarriage. We told our parents and close friends who already knew we were expecting and we had a restless night waiting for the scan the following day. We cried the whole time we sat waiting for the scan. My bleeding was heavier still - changing pads every 2 hours and the pain was unbearable. We had an ultra sound scan first. All that they could see was a 6cm cyst on my left ovary and a sac in the womb which measured 5cms. Therefore they dated that I was maybe only 4 weeks pregnant. This upset us. We then went on to have a vaginal scan again they could not see anything other than what the ultra sound saw so we saw a doctor who couldn't confirm what was happening. I would need to have my hormone levels checked by blood tests. I have the worse veins in the world and it took them 20 minutes to get any blood out of a good vein. Then we were told to go home and come back on Saturday at 2pm. Pathology would be closed and I would have the tests done on the gyne ward at the local hospital so still no one confirmed if I was having a miscarriage. I returned on the saturday and had the tests done at 4pm after waiting for 2 hours alone in a waiting room - they weren't even busy and three times we went to reception to remind them I was waiting for a test! They told us to call back at 8pm for the results. The doctor had only told us that if the levels increase then it meant the prenancy was going well if they go down then there is a high risk of miscarriage but he didn't say anything else. We called back at 8pm. A nurse answered and she said that the results were in but she was not allowed to discuss them with us and that only a doctor could do so but he was the only doctor on call for 6 floors in the maternity wing of the local hospital and he would call us back later on. We sat and sat and come midnight we still had not received a call. My partner called the hospital and another nurse answered. She got my file and told us that the hormone level on Thursday had been 1047 but that it was now down to 142 and that the doctor would call us to discuss what happens next. At no point did she mention it was a miscarriage or anything other than just read out the results and tell us to wait for the doctor to call us. Since then we have had no call and I am still bleeding heavily and feeling drained that I can not work today. I have passed several clumps and clots but I do not know what is happening to my body and all I do is cry for the loss of my baby yet I don't know what to do. I have so many questions that need answering like how long will I bleed for, will the cramp pains go away - I went to the post office this morning and had what I felt like a sharp pain in my stomach that was unbearable. Should I call the hospital or should I wait - I get the feeling that they don't really care and I feel so angry at the way I have been treated. At no point has anyone told us to go to A & E or anything even though I have been doubled up in pain. I don't know who to call - what about my ovarian cyst? When will it all stop - should I be bleeding like this in a miscarriage. We have resolved ourselves to thinking we are losing this baby which breaks our hearts. My little girl has even started looking up at the sky and pointing saying baby is in heaven now instead of pointing to my belly and saying baby in mummies belly which really upsets us.:( We get the feeling that the hospital don't care nor does our local doctor. OUr family and friends can't believe that we are being offered no support from anyone in the medical world. I called the fertility clinic today and re booked my appointment to see the specialist - it's at the end of Jan 09 now but at least they were the only ones sympathetic about my miscarriage which at the moment isn't 100% confirmed by anyone with a medical background. Luckily we don't have to get a referal letter from the doctor to get the appointment back which was another worry for us - thinking we would have another three months wait. Can anyone help me??? - I am so sorry for such a long post!!! Thanks in advance.:(:(

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