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[QUOTE=woopwoop;3880367]hi im a 20yr old student. i think im exsperiancing a miscarriage! i was going to wait untill my bday in 4days to do a preg test coz illd be 4weeks aswell and ive had symtons that i dnt get like painfull boobs and growin a bit and the sickness! but yest morning i woke up and that was it my period like never b4 very heavy blood clots and stuff soz not nyc to here that..
so i got to the doctors and tryed to explain the situation but it was like he dint care and just let me go i dint get the answeres that i wanted.

and now im cared because i dont no what to do atall to get advise and stuff i mean i fort that i would have more answers as i am getting to the age when im ganna start whanting to have a bby in the next cuple of years im 20 the doctors should of explained things a bit better dont you think?

wel if you could help to what to do thank you[/QUOTE]
I just went through a miscarriage, and I would advise you not to freak out too much. First of all, 1 in 4 women miscarry, especially during the very first stage of pregnancy. If it was a miscarriage, then it simply wasn't too far developed. Many women don't even know they miscarry, they think its a late period. Secondly, miscarriages mean next to nothing for future pregnancy's, especially since you are young and this is ( I presume) your first pregnancy experience. Basically, some wires got crossed in the early stages of development. Its REALLY unlikely to be anything you did, or genetics or anything. Doctors will tell you to only worry if you miscarry 3-4 times in a row.

So like I said, even if your event was a miscarriage, it won't effect your chances of getting pregnant later in life.

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