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What happens to your cervix during a miscarriage
[QUOTE=jadeye13;3881356]What happens to your cervix during a miscarriage[/QUOTE]

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Last Wednesday, I had a D&C. The surgery was not fully successful, as 2 days later I passed the fetus. Apparently they missed it. Now I am still bleeding, and I also passed the placenta, last night. apparently the rest of it the next night. I went against doctors orders and stuck my finger up there. I think I felt my cervix, but if that was what it was, it was nearly 4 times the size its supposed to be and appeared to be lower down than it normally is. I'm still having intense cramps, though not bleeding more than a pad an hour. But still a sizable amount of blood and pain. Whats going on at this stage?
During miscarriage the cervix dilates. You said u had a D&C, wow, I cant imagine them missing anything. At the same time a D&C usually slows down the bleeding/cramps compared to a normal miscarriage, so i find that odd as well. Hope ya feel better soon.

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