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Missed Miscarriage
Feb 21, 2009
Hi ladies. I just wanted to share my miscarriage experience in hopes that it will answer some questions for someone. I looked and looked all over the internet for details and answers and found very few. The one I found most helpful was a very detailed description like mine will be. So, BE FOREWARNED: this will be quite detailed.

First off, this pregnancy began with an IUD that fell out without my knowledge. I'd had some spotting and what felt like contractions one day and then nothing else. A week or two later I found my IUD in the carpet in my hallway. No idea when it came out, but obviously in time for me to get pregnant. A few days later came the positive pregnancy test. Just a little warning there for those with IUD's.

Okay, now for the miscarriage. It was a Wednesday, and I was 11 weeks and I decided to ask an ultrasound tech I work with to do an ultrasound to check on my baby. My pregnancy symptoms had dramatically improved over the last week, much different than when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I thought that was odd. The ultrasound showed no heartbeat and that the baby had stopped developing at around 7 1/2 or 8 weeks. I visited my doctor and he confirmed it and gave me the option of either a D&C or to do it naturally. I really wanted to do it at home and experience the whole thing instead of being put to sleep and just waking up with my baby gone. He told me that it might take a couple weeks for my body to realize that the baby was dead (this is called a missed miscarriage, when your body fails to recognize the miscarriage) but to come back in a month if I hadn't passed it. For 2 1/2 weeks I had no spotting, no cramping at all. Then on Monday I started spotting. I bled off and on for a few day. Nothing more than a light period. No clots or anything like that. Tuesday evening the cramps seemed a little worse, so I figured that the real stuff would come the next day, so I called and told my work I wouldn't be coming in the next day. Wednesday morning marked 3 weeks. I had no cramps when I woke up in the morning. I was sooo frustrated, and starting to get nervous that if nothing happened by next week that I'd have to have a D&C. Someone at work suggested that I try castor oil, so I took 2 tbsp. Maybe for someone else this would work, but for me all it did was give me wicked diarrhea all day! No more bleeding, no more cramping than usual. I went to work Thursday, and same thing. No change all day. I looked online and found some information about Black and Blue Cohosh, herbs that are supposed to stimulated uterine contractions. I bought some, and started Thursday night with 20 drops of each in a little apple juice every 4 hours. I didn't take any during the night, and then in the morning I started taking it every hour for five hours. At the end of the five hours (which it was suggested not to exceed), I was still having no bleeding or cramping other than the usual. I was feeling very, very frustrated, and very betrayed by my body. It wouldn't let me keep the baby, and yet it wouldn't get rid of it either. I had been carrying around my dead baby for 6 1/2 weeks, and I just wanted to move on, for crying out loud! My husband suggested that we go shopping downtown (he knows what I like!) to get my mind off things, since I'd been just moping around my house all morning waiting. So we left and took LORTAB and a TOWEL with us just in case we happened to need them. Just as we were leaving, I popped a Lortab for good measure, as I was starting to feel cramping that was more than I'd had thus far, and I figured that being on my feet at the mall wouldn't help. Or maybe just intuition that something was coming. Five minutes after we left our house, we had to pull over at a fast food joint so I could use a bathroom. I passed quite a bit of blood and clots, but I knew it wasn't the "real" stuff. So I told my hubby to keep driving downtown. I was afraid that we turned around and went home that with my luck, it would all stop. My cramping kept getting worse and worse, and I could tell that I was bleeding quite a lot. Ten to fifteen minutes later I started having contractions. Real, bonafide labor contractions. So we turned around, and I sat on the towel. The whole way home I continued to have contractions that came and went. I'd say maybe 30 sec to 1 min apart. The pain was incredible!!! The Lortab didn't touch it, and it was definitely worse that my labor was with my daughter before I got my epidural. I have to say though that I was so happy the entire time just to know that it was here and that I wasn't going to have to have a D&C. By the time we got home and I'd walked to the bathroom, I'd drenched through my clothes and much of the towel. Soon after I passed a lot of clots and then what I think was the baby because it had a stiff, rounded shape and I think I saw the umbilical cord. Also at this point, the contractions suddenly stopped, as my doctor said would happen after I passed the baby. A few minutes later I passed a huge piece of grayish, lumpy stuff. Bigger than the baby or anything else. After that just a few more blood clots. I still needed another Lortab after, as the cramping was still pretty bad. But the bleeding and cramping gradually tappered off over the next couple hours. I had a great sleep last night and this morning I'm quite tired and still bleeding some but I think the worst is over. I'll have to update if there is more to come, but I'm pretty sure it's over. I'm feeling well enough that I think I'll probably even be able to work my shift at the hospital this evening, although I wonder if being on my feet for 8 hours straight might be hard.

Hope this wasn't too graphic. I also hope that this might answer some questions for someone out there. I would really recommend taking the black and blue cohosh is someone is struggling with a missed miscarriage. I think that it was what got everything started for me. I am also going to keep taking it every 4 hours just for today to make sure that I get rid of everything. Remember that especially if you use these herbs, to stay hydrated and eat healthy, as it's hard on your liver and kidneys. If I had the choice, I would do it natural again. Most people say they'd rather have a D&C, but for me, there was something very cleansing and healing about experiencing that pain and passing the baby myself. I would definitely do it all over, pain and everything.

Good luck to all the mommies out there. Hope this will answer some questions for somebody! Take it easy and take care of yourselves!

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