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Re: Miscarriage
Mar 3, 2009
How are you feeling now? How long did you bleed after having your girl? Could it be remnants of that that didn't pass before? Are you breastfeeding? That causes contractions of your uterus. It's a bit early for your period to come back, let alone a miscarriage. If you're not breast feeding, then I suppose there's a chance you could have ovulated.
Re: Miscarriage
Mar 21, 2009
My daughter -in-law thinks she may of had a misscarriage. She hasn't had a period in about 2 months. About an hour ago she started bleeding heavily about 8 oz. cup full with blood clot's in the comode and also a sack with something hard in it. My son said that it was about the size of my little finger. Do you think that she has had a misscarriage. Lynda

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