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[QUOTE=Seraph;3903719]I cannot say that it wasn't an early miscarriage, BUT.....if it was, you could not have caused it. To injure somebody enough to dislodge an embryo, she would have known she was hurt. Those little suckers are built to survive and hang on. If she did miscarry, then it probably means that either her body or the embryo was not sustainable at this time, and it would have happened anyway. Relax! You sound like a terrific friend and she is lucky to have you in her life. Sera.[/QUOTE]

Thank you to everyone for your replies!

Hey Sera,
Just a quick question on your reply. When you say you cannot say whether it was a miscarriage or not, what are the possible signs from this story that it may or may not be? Is it that she has started to vaginally bleed recently? That does make alot of sense. But then again Im now sorta freaking out that I maybe I did cause it, and she just didnt bleed at all or show any symptons. Which is kinda out of the question right? Im sure shes fine and im just paranoid, haha. The way you put it just kinda confused me and made me nervous.

Another quick update..she told me after she started to bleed it did last for 5 days like her normal periods used to last..accompanied with the usual cramps and PMS'ing(trust me I had to deal with that talking to her on the phone!)
So maybe Im just gonna go out on a limb and say shes fine? And that I just got some anxiety issues to worrk out, aha! =]

What do you guys think?


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