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[B][SIZE="4"]Please Read. It may look like alot but I NEED YOUR HELP!:([/SIZE][/B]

Hi everyone--

Recently, my best friend of all my life has become extremely sexually active, and she is only 15 years old! And on the past January 27th she had missed her period, and was very sexually active! During this time she experienced lots of flu like symptons, was not eating well, and was on prescription medication..all of which were reasons she claimed for missing her period. I didnt think so. I became very concerned for her and began saving up money for a test and researched like crazy online! What a crazy concerned friend I was, huh? Around the 15th of February, still being late, my anxiety for her took a turn for the worse....
She was hanging out at my house and we began to joke around, pretending to wrestle each other, when unknowingly I squeezed her stomach slightly hard enough for her to say "ouch" but not super hard, and it only lasted about 3 or 4 seconds.Jokingly, she said"i bet you killed the baby". Right then, I freaked out! I felt like I was gonna lose my mind and for days couldnt sleep because I thought I killed this possible baby.
Now, being a guy and all I dont know much about pregnancy and whatnot so I did research on miscarriages. For the next week and a half she showed no symptons of a miscarriage like bleeding, back ache, or cramps(she did have some, due to her flu).I began to question whether or not I did hurt the "baby".Then the 27th of February rolled around, one month TO THE DAY that she was supposed to get her period last(Jan.27) and she gets her period!(or is it?) After this, many people have told me to relax, I did nothing wrong that shes just young and had an irregular period,or that i didnt use enough force to hurt a baby that wouldve been inside her, or that maybe her illness or medication threw off her period.So my question to you is does this seem like an irregular period story to you guys or a miscarriage?Im still freaking out! And I also read that it takes 4 to 6 weeks for periodto return after a miscarriage, so it wouldve been to early (1 1/2 weeks) for her to get her period even if i did give her a miscarriage? Do all signs point to me being ok? PLEASE HELP!

Thank you so much in advance!

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