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This is my second pregnancy, I am in my 6th or 7th week. With my first pregnancy I didn't really bond or register that I was having a baby until 8 months but I was under a great deal of stress and in a domestic violence situation so it was kind of unreal. With this baby i'm in a supportive and lovign relationship so I bonded with this child the second I saw the gestational sac on an ultrasound. Please know i'm only talking about pregnancy bonding, my current son is the light of my life, i love him more then anything. Here is my question....Wednesday I went to the bathroom and passed a large clot but had minimal cramping, after that there was no bleeding, just faint spotting. I went to the ER, they did an ultrasound and saw a gestational sac (this was my second ultrasound seeing a sac) but they say no fetal pole, heartbeat or yolk sac. They did a HCG screening and told me to go to my OB in 3 days to get a new screening. They said if my hormones double or go up significantly then the pregnancy is still viable, if it doesn't the pregnancy has failed. they called it a threatened miscarriage. Of course my heart was broken i was and am a mess, so I went home and for the entire day thursday I had no spotting. Friday the spotting came back but no clots and it was very light. I went back to the OB and they did a blood test and sent me home and told me not to worry (thanks) they told me to come back on Wednesday but to stay on bed rest until then. So now it's Saturday at 4am and I woke up with bright red blood and no clots...I don't know waht's going on please help!! If i'm loosing the baby I need to register and accept that, if this is something that is just happening I need to put my mind at ease. This is heartbreaking and so confusing. Has this happened to anyone and do you know what's going on? My first pregnancy wtih my son I had cramps but it was because I was pregnant for the first time and my uterus was stretching, I never spotted a day of that pregnancy. PLEASE HELP...I'm officially panicking.

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