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[QUOTE=trailor;3911964]Hello, I'm new to this board but used to post on the AOL board as Kalman548 if anyone is from over there. I've had 3 miscarriages in the last 7 years and I have 1 little boy who is now 5 years old who is absolutely my life. Yet, I can't seem to get over the miscarriages..... especially the 2nd one. Went to about 12 weeks with that one and actually got to see the baby, even if he\she was only about an inch long. I still think of that every single day of my life. Does anyone else do this? I think it's caused a multitude of problems with me, depression, anxiety, insomnia... I can't seem to get over it. People IRL just don't get it. I was TTC for years before we got pregnant the first time. I'm hoping that if I start coming to this message board, maybe I can be with people who understand. BTW- After the 3rd miscarriage I was diagnosed with Factor 5 Leiden and MTHFR. I suggest that anyone who has suffered through 2 losses to get a miscarriage blood panel done. I bought the whole "chromosonal abnormality" thing to long. I would love to TTC again but cannot right now due to other issues. I feel for each and every one of you who have had to go through this. I hope we can all find a way to heal.[/QUOTE]

I know exactly what your going though. I have my good days and my bad days also. My DH and myslef have been ttc since 2001 with 2 sad losses :angel: :angel:. My first one in 2004 the day before the first 12 week appiopment to see my doctor I woke up hemoraging. It took us years beofore we said we would try again and with the help of our fertility clinic at the start of the year I feel pregant. I had scans done at 8 10 and was told everything looked good and then it all started going wrong at 12 13 adn 14 week scans where our baby was diganosied with limb body wall complex where all this organs were on the outside and had 0 chance of servival of living with us. It was the hardest descission of our lives to help our little one go to heaven but my life was in jepodary as well if I continued on with the pregancy. I think about my little on every day I bonded with him (more so I believe because I saw him on the screen heard the heart beat) To top it off we oppeted for the d&c (i wasn't strong enough to go though birth) but because the baby was so far along their was tissue left and I have just had my 3 d&C to remove it.

I find for myslef just talking about it helps me, Im going though also watching my best friend fall pregant a month after me being pregant and that tears me apart I have to distance myslef from her sometimes now in fear that i will be a basket case

Im sorry for your losses and just think about that beautiful boy you have on earth that needs your love and a strong mummy, trust me my mum went thought depression and it was the worst time of my life also

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