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I'm tormenting myself wondering if I was pregnant for a short while last month and miscarried. I had a 41-day cycle (usual is 25 - 28 days). Flow was very light as usual (2-3 days) but there were small clots and clear mucus in it. I hadn't done a pg test even though my period was late as I was convinced I was just having an irregular cycle from doing fertility treatments a few months ago. Now I'm kicking myself thinking I might have been pregnant and might have been able to hold onto it if I'd gotten the right treatment. I was only using progesterone cream externally.

Can anyone tell me what an early miscarriage is like? Is there always more blood flow than usual? More cramps than usual? Everything was normal for me EXCEPT the lateness and the clots. I hope I can figure this out somehow so I can stop thinking about it!
It's possible. I think every women is different. I had a chemical miscarriage that started 6 days after my missed period. The day before I felt not great and had a headache. Then my period was pretty close to what it was like normally and maybe a bit heavier, but no cramps. (I had horrible cramps when I was young, but after my late 20s they went away).

If you were about two weeks after your missed period, then there would probably be some more than normal, since your uterus is collecting more fluid and expanding.

I just had a miscarriage that started at about 8 weeks pregnant (4 weeks passed my missed period) and there is a big difference. A lot more material and I bled slowly for a week and a half+. The clots were a very dark dark red, maybe quarter size, and I had bright red mucus strings. I had mild cramps with it over the course of 3-4 days. Sorry if TMI!

Try not to beat yourself up over it. If it was a pregnancy, maybe it just wasn't meant to be from the start this time.

I hope you have success with your treatments in the future.

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