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I had a misscarriage at 9 weeks, I went for my ultrasound and there was no heartbeat, and only a stem within a small bubble in there, and then my levels were going down in my blood, they did another ultrasound a few days later to see even that stem had been beginning to disappear.

I bled on and off at the beginning, with very bad cramps, the my cervix would not dialate, and it was my body trying to push it out but unable to do so with unbearable pains and gushing horrid waves of practical hemmorages in waves until they did an emergency D&C on me, my hormones were a MESS I was crying one minute screaming at people the next. I did lose during the waves of bad cramps a large blood clot that I had to bring to my dr the next day, at which, it was not anything but a clot, and the nightmare wasn't over.

It was very hard going through it that way, as I was scheduled for a D&C that friday, I was on bedrest, but it took over early and thats how it ended up. After going through that I had a healthy baby boy, (who is now 11) during that labor my water broke, but I had no contrations and had to be induced, but all went well that 2nd time around.

It's in each persons wishes, but personally after what I went through and the extent of craps I would rather the D&C, you don't see anything, not traumatized more than you need to be, and your grieving will be the same going through and after it all.

I wish you well in whatever you decide and am so sorry to hear about your loss. It happens very often, and once you let others know what is/did happen, you will be suprised to see or hear of many stories similar I am sure. Stay well, and please do think about how you want to go about letting this little one go, of course get a 2nd opinon to be sure.
Thank you for your replies. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner but I was swallowed by the events happening for the past two weeks. I did get a D&C 4 days ago and it went very well. Of course, I got general anesthesia and that is very easy. The little cramping and little bleeding after were very manageable and they gave me something for pain when I came out (it works instantly). Honestly, it hurt less after then when I had my egg retrieval during IVF! I am glad I waited a week to do it because it gave me time to come to terms with what is happening.
I suppose my hormones are all over the place now. Since yesterday, my boobs have been hurting enormously (I feel like I had surgery on my boobs, really), I have a headache, and emotionally I am very off. It's like a big PMS on steroids.
Somebody told me yesterday that a miscarriage happens when the soul of the baby just hasn't learned how to latch on to life. Sounds much nicer than a "miscarriage" or a "blighted ovum", doesn't it?

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