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Hi there,

If you have a lot of concerns I would call your doc, I'm sure s/he can put your mind at ease. Minor or light cramping in early pregnancy is pretty common (and very worrisome to every mother-to-be). I would guess you probably have nothing to worry about. If you have any bright red bleeding or cramping associated with the bleeding head to the ER...otherwise if it's just some little brown stuff your body could just be "cleaning itself out" so to speak. I had a LOT of bleeding with both of my pregnancies...very worrisome, so I know the fear. I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant right now and I bled on and off for most of the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy.

Best of luck to you!
Thank you SO much, this is my first pregnancy and I am trying not to be such a worry wart!! But when you have all these crazy things happening to you and their not always the same for everyone, it's hard not to over react!! Thank you again!!

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