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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. My husband and I have been ttc for over 18 months. I have got to go to see a gyneacologist on the 14th May as my husbands sperm test has come back with good positive results. A few months ago I remember my period was late by possibly 5-7 days, I didn;t think of anything at the time. However I had what I thought was my period, which was accompanied by a lot of pain. When I wiped myself after using the toilet, I noticed a greyish pinkish thing on the tissue which looked really small and felt really smooth like skin, since then I have noiced my periods have been alot more painful and heavier and not experienced anything like that since. COuld I have been pregnant and had a miscarriage? I wouldn't have known if I was pregnant as I didn;t have any symptoms as I remmember. Only Im not sure what to say to the gyneacologist if he asks if Ive ever been pregnant before? What does anyone think? PLease reply. I would be obviously upset but not as upset as I could have been if I'd have known.

PLease reply. Thank you in advance

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